Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

5 Proven Strategies of Effectively Managing Classes

Effective class management is one of the biggest challenges that a teacher has to face at the beginning of each academic year. Students come from diverse backgrounds and thus some turn out to be polite while some others may be loud and noisy. It becomes really difficult to maintain discipline in the classroom at times. To overcome this problematic situation, teachers need to employ effective organizational practices to bring in an atmosphere of peace and calm in the classroom.

Establish Rules

On the very first day, instructors usually tell the students to introduce themselves and most just tend to quietly give their names. However, this doesn't mean they are going to remain silent and disciplined for the rest of the academic session. A good teacher will always establish some efficient ground rules for pre-empting class behavioral patterns.

Promote Greater Interaction

It is the responsibility of the teachers to create a positive friendly ambiance in the classroom. Teachers should start interacting with each learner on a more personal level. For those shy students who feel uncomfortable to speak out in a packed classroom, they should be encouraged to email their problems or queries to the teacher or meet him/her outside class hours. A great way of constantly staying in touch with your students is through setting up of an online private social network. Another tried and tested method would be via social media channels.

Introduce Fun Elements

While reading through text books can be a bit boring, introducing slide shows and online presentations as part of the lesson can be really fun. It adds excitement to the whole learning experience and motivates students to stay focused. You can create educational based audio-visual slide shows and show it to the kids to enhance their attention levels.

Include Debates in the Classroom

Debates have a positive side to it; they help to gain in-depth knowledge in a specific subject or area. For example, I have seen many teachers taking a debate class for one or two days a week to encourage students to discuss various learning issues and how they can best address the same.

Review Students' Performance Regularly

It is essential to keep the students on their toes and for that you need to regularly keep on giving assignments and homework and see to it that they finish them on time. You can encourage students to start their own blogs where they can post their written articles, assignments, and project works for you to review. The school should also maintain a blog to provide all sorts of information and updates on a daily basis.

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