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How Blended Delivery Can Work for Nursing Students

There have been significant developments and advancements in the field of education worldwide, and today there are multiple methods to develop and present courseware in ways that will capture the attention of students.

Blended delivery combines both the advantages of conventional classroom learning, as well as new-age methods of computer mediated activities. This strategy creates more integrated methods for both instructors and students to gain comprehensive knowledge on the topics of learning. Such courses blend face-to-face methodology of course delivery, such as in-class discussions, active group work, and live lectures with web-based educational technologies such as online course modules, online assignments, discussion boards, e-learning involving videos, audios and applets and other web-assisted learning tools.

It has been proven that where a student's interest is kindled, education automatically happens. These blended learning methods work to awaken the students' interest in a particular topic, through innovative delivery methods that capture student interest and therefore increase memory retention. Online and web-based designs can be developed using crystal clear imagery, visuals and graphics that elucidate all the principles being taught.

More practical advantages stem from the fact that online courses can be played back and reviewed any number of times till the student understands all the concepts; besides this the classes can be done at the students' own convenience of time and place. Online assessments and evaluations are instantaneous and can be reviewed by teachers and parents as well to judge the level of interest and performance of the students.

Combine this with the advantages of traditional classroom based courses as well, and you have an education system that has only positive applications. There may be students who prefer the one-on-one individual attention that is afforded through face-to-face learning methods, and they can be benefited equally through the blended learning methodology.

Today, more and more institutions of higher education are opting for blended course delivery methods for various reasons, including the following:

1. Such courses appeal to the market of busy senior students who choose to complete their college-level education while they are working in a fulltime regular job. Online courses allow them the convenience of fitting in face-to-face class time into their busy work schedules once or twice a week, while simultaneously working on the remainder of the course work over the internet.

2. Such courses reduce pressure on university classrooms, reducing their running costs of maintaining the university. Virtual classrooms reduce the space constraints on campus.

3. Students are brought together only when needed, as they can employ self study methods through recorded classes online. Nursing students may read up on the course content online and attend physical classes only for practical sessions.

4. Even in classrooms, teachers can benefit by playing videos from the internet or showing slides that can elucidate the learning matter, saving time and at the same time making concepts much clearer.

5. Students who may not want to go to regular school due to allergies or severe medical conditions, or fears of school violence or bullying can opt for the blended learning methodology where their time on campus is minimized.

A lot of institutes are offering specially designed nursing programs for nurses at the campuses, but they will get more enrolments if they provide the same course online and this is one of the major reasons every college or institute should start delivering online nursing courses. The students also love to go for online courses rather than the regular campus courses due to the wide range of flexibility and time saving aspects.

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