Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

Green Deal Advisor Training - Get Involved

The government has invested millions of pounds to train people to become Green Deal Advisors. What with all this money being invested into a new environmental scheme, what we all really want to know is what is a Green Deal Advisor, and what does Green Deal Training involve?

What does Green Deal training enable you to do?

Well the training ultimately enables you to go into households and improve their energy efficiencies, through the support and information provided through the training.

An advisor will create a 'report' by visiting a household and assessing the suitability the property has for energy efficiency changes.

The outcome of this visit will be formulated into a 'Plan', which will advise the household how improvements can be made to the property, to improve the household's environmental efficiencies. As an advisor you will then be able to advise the household on financial options available to them enabling to make the changes which will save them hundreds of pounds a year, as well as being better for the environment too.

Why yourself or your business should think about Green Deal Training?

Training will give you the cutting edge within your market, as only qualified advisors will be able to provide the customer with the official advice, undertake the work and give the customer access to the funding on offer.

How does the training work?

The Training course is broken down into theory and practical assessments, and is certified by EDI/ABBE.

The theory features of the training:

The trainee will learn to present and provide accurate and relevant Green Deal information to the customer.

The trainee will become highly capable and confident in offering advice on the basis of a detailed property assessment.

The trainee will have the ability to demonstrate Green Deal Domestic Advice reports, in a manor relevant to the customer.

The trainee will be able to offer financial plans & solutions to suit the customer's needs and requirements.

The practical features of the Training:

As part of the training the trainee will be required to create at least two onsite reports that will then be assessed.

This practical training involved the Trainee visiting suitable properties and preforming an Energy Performance Certificate and then formulating a report using the approved software.

On passing both parts of the course the trainee will become a fully certified advisor and will feel fully confident in all the work that they do.